In the world of advanced technology and data communications, telecommunications are used in every aspect of our life. Telecommunications Industry is getting larger, more and more new devices are introduced in the market every year. 

The Safe use of these new devices is the main responsibility of the Regulatory Authorities. To avoid the formation of harmful interface and interference Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities implement Technical Regulations to control Telecommunications Devices. These Technical Regulations implement Telecom Type Approval for Telecommunications, Wireless, IT and Network Equipment.

We provide Telecom Type Approval service for All products in the scope by our specialized network throughout the Middle East and North African Region. 

Type Approval for Telecommunications Equipment

Type approval is a regulatory function that allows an equipment to be certified if it meets the basic or minimum technical and safety requirements so as to guarantee its usefulness and also to safeguard the consumer’s interest. For the purpose of these guidelines electromagnetic compatibility must also be assured.

Type approval further Protects consumers from products that are non – compatible with the local telecommunications network, and ensures that the operating frequency of all radio communication equipment is as per the frequency spectrum allocation and that no harmful interference is caused to essential services and licensed service providers.

The Type Approval Policy will apply to all RTTE manufactured or imported in a respected country and needs to be checked and/or tested against that policy. Only when the results comply with the policy, a type approval certificate will be issued so that the product can be imported and marketed in that market.

The Type Approval Policy may vary from country to country and it covers all types of Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment. Such equipment is referred to collectively herein as Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (“RTTE”). 

Our Coverage Area


We can help you to apply for Telecom Type Approval in All countries in the Middle East and North Africa Region. Explicitly please find the below table.

If you have any questions or inquiries about any of the below countries, please feel free to contact us for more information. 


Saudi Arabia (CITC)

United Arab Emirates (TRA)

Jordan (TRC)

Lebanon (MoT)


Oman (TRA)

Qatar (CRA)

Kuwait (CITRA)

Bahrain (TRA & DWLF&M)


Iraq (CMC)

Palestine (MTIT)
(West Bank & Gaza) 

Egypt (NTRA)

Morocco (ANRT)


Tunisia (CERT)

Algeria (ARPT)

Turkey (BTK)

Pakistan (PTA)


Libya (CIM)

Sudan (NTC)

Yemen (MTIT)

Iran (CRA)

Why Us

We can provide you with the fastest Telecom approvals service in the Middle East and North Africa Region. By using our specialized network and our agents covering all countries we can assure you the best price and shortest lead time.

Our staff are well trained and have professional and practical experience in filling application forms, documents review and acquiring all information needed based on technical regulations. They can handle applications directly with Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities in each country.

Rest Assures we can provide you with the best service for your interest.